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Foreman Development Series

January 3, 2018


Formena Development Series

The JATC would like to begin another session of the Foreman Development Series. The Foreman Development Series is 16 two-hour training modules that cover the following topics:
The Role of the Foreman, Project Start Up, Material Management, Labor Relations, Understanding the Estimate Part I, Manloading and Scheduling, Managing Production, Safety, Communication, Documentation, Change Management, Project Closeout, Understanding the Estimate Part II, Specifications and The Highly Effective Foreman Part I and II.
You can attend one module or all modules, they can all be taken independently of one another. Dates will be scheduled as soon as we have enough members interested in attending the classes.

Please call the JATC @ 785-5167, to let them know you are interested in attending.


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