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Experienced Electrician

Welcome from the IBEW Local 236 Membership Development Team

            Let me introduce you to IBEW, Local Union No. 236 and to the benefits that we can provide to you as someone who works in the electrical construction industry.  The IBEW is an organization that represents over 750,000 employees in the electrical industry throughout the United States and Canada.  Over 300,000 of those members are, like you, working in the electrical construction industry. 

          IBEW Local 236 represents over 1500 members in a thirteen county jurisdiction surrounding the capital of New York State and supplies skilled electricians to over 100 signatory contractors that perform work in this jurisdiction.  In 2015, a local trade publication listed the top electrical contractors in the Capital Region, and eight out of the top ten contractors on that list are Local 236 signatory contractors.  These contractors rely on Local 236 electricians to perform their work, which varies from light commercial work to highly technical work in the rapidly growing semiconductor industry.  Being a member of Local 236 gives you the opportunity to work for any of these industry leaders, alongside some of the Capital Region’s best electricians, while sharing the benefits of belonging to a Union.

 How can IBEW Local 236 help you?

                        Being a Local 236 Journeyman Wireman ensures you receive the following:

  • Top Compensation…..on all jobs, not just prevailing wage projects.
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Pension Benefits
  • An Annuity Plan
  • Continuous Training Opportunities
  • Safety Training and a Safe Worksite
  • A Collective Bargaining Agreement and Union Representation to settle workplace disputes.


Wages and Benefits

Journeyman Wireman

Hourly Rate


*Health Insurance

$11.76 per hour

*Local Pension

$10.76 per hour

*NEBF 3% (Pension)

$1.16 per hour


$2.90 per hour

*JATC (Training)

$0.50 per hour

Total Package


*Employer Contributions


1st - 5th Year Apprentice Wireman Hourly Rates

$15.40 to $30.80 per hour plus benefits


IBEW Local 236 members working with Union Employers are provided fringe benefits unmatched by other employers.  Health Insurance benefits along with defined benefit retirement plans provide security for you and your family during your working years and beyond.  These benefits allow you to enjoy a dignified retirement following a productive career in the electrical industry.  All pensions are based on the retirement age of 62, although you can retire at the age of 55 with a reduced rate.  


Health Insurance

The health insurance account is a health reimbursement account (HRA) in your name.  $10.01 per hour for every hour worked will be deposited into your HRA.  At the end of each month, the health insurance premium is deducted from your HRA.  


IBEW Local 236 Pension - 5 Years Vesting

The current Local 236 pension rate is $96.00 per month, per credit.  One credit equals 1,600 hours worked.

Pension Credits*

Monthly Income

Five Years


Ten Years


Fifteen Years


Twenty Years


Thirty Years


*Pension credits based on 1,600 hours worked per year.


NEBF (National Electric Benefit Fund)

The current NEBF pension rate is $32.00 per month per year of service.


Length of Service

Monthly Income

Five Years


Ten Years


Fifteen Years


Twenty Years


Thirty Years



IBEW Local Union 236 Annuity Fund

The annuity fund is a fund that allows you to accumulate tax-deferred funds for retirement and then, if you desire receive a guaranteed income payable for life or for a specified period.  The current Local 236 annuity contribution rate is $2.40 per hour.


International Pension

The current International Pension rate is $4.50 per month per year of service.


Length of Service

Monthly Income*

Twenty Years


Twenty-five Years


Thirty Years


*Must be a member in good standing for twenty years or have reached the age of 65 to be eligible.

The Truth About Union Dues


Dues are a common misconception and in order for any organization to survive, it must have an income.  Just as most of us pay to belong to a sportsman's association, social club, or give to our church, we as workers pay a small amount to our union so we can continue to receive the benefits of being a union member.  

Monthly dues in the amount of $34.80 are collected and used to finance your International Pension Plan and a death benefit.  Working dues, 1%-4% of your gross pay depending upon classification, are withheld when working and are tax deductible.

Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Am I being paid what I am worth?

2. Do I have adequate benefits (health insurance, retirement)?

3. Am I happy working for this employer?

If you answered NO to just one of these questions, contact the IBEW Local 236 Membership Development Team to discuss career opportunities with the IBEW.


Dan Dudley: ddudley@ibew236.org

Kevin Fuller: kfuller@ibew236.org

Chris Lambert: clambert@ibew236.org

Or call (518) 783-9957